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'Fours' Spotlight: Corrie Dick

'No man is an island'. This popular quote by John Donne holds a particular truth in my experience as a musician. Besides the obvious parallel in terms of performing in a group context, over the years I have been inspired, motivated, comforted and even dependent, on being a small part of one of many 'scenes' in London and beyond. Musicians learn from each other, practice and perform together, and also hang out together, discussing everything from politics to practice patterns and sharing music and experience. Thankfully in London there is an abundance of amazing, generous musicians, and the 'Fours' project is a series of recordings representing a fraction of the 'scene' I find myself drawn to. This week I turn the spotlight to...

Corrie Dick

I think I first played with Corrie at one of the sessions down at Oliver's in Greenwich, and I remember having a blast! Something I really like to do when calling a tune is to have someone just play into it, without a count-in or an indication of feel...just improvise into it and see what happens. Not everyone is always comfortable with it but I recall Corrie just diving straight in. He is such a fearless improviser that I knew right away (other than having heard him many times before) that I was going to enjoy playing with him. It's also clear to me how much he loves the drums and drumming in all its forms when listening to his sound at the kit, and his approach to timbre. This version of I Mean You features Corrie in full swing, from the groovy understated introduction to the explosive trading towards the end, coaxing every bit of tone out of the drums along the way:

Although it is highly unlikely that you will be unaware of Corrie's amazing talent and contributions to the jazz scene if you are reading this post, I feel as though I should highlight a couple of the fantastic projects he is involved in.

First and foremost, Corrie has a great, informative website that you should visit immediately and will save you from having to read any more of my ramblings:

Corrie is already an integral voice within the UK jazz both as performer, composer, band leader and Chaos Collective co-founder. Most recently he has recorded with bass superstar Jasper Hoiby's Fellow Creatures, trumpet sensation Laura Jurd's Dinosaur, and even his own highly acclaimed Impossible Things. All of these groups feature the cream of multiple generations of jazz musicians that have been active in the UK and beyond, and it is no surprise that Corrie finds himself among such talent, and active around the European circuit. Long may it continue. Here is Impossible Things to have a listen to.

Huge thanks to Corrie, as well as Tom and Nick, for their time, talent and tea-making skills. 'Fours' Vol. II is available now.