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Start as you mean to go on. Or not.

So, new website, new me. I have the best of intentions to update this site with news etc, but to begin, I thought I'd start with something a little more 'bloggy' in tone...

Well, February is over and for the first time in memory it was actually a busy one regarding music for me. The main highlights were touring with both Huw Williams' Hon as well as the Vitor Pereira quintet, with both groups launching new records. It has been such a pleasure playing the music of these two distinctive and fearless composers, and in the company of such exceptional bands. #blessed

The Hon record is out now, and I am super chuffed to have been a part of what has turned out to be a delightfully idiosyncratic and spirited album. It features Huw of course, but also Laura Jurd, Elliot Galvin and Peter Ibbetson. Check it out here

Despite not being involved on the recording of Vitor's latest CD 'New World', it has been a lot of fun trying to slot into the group, made easier by a very open and welcoming set of musicians in Vitor, Chris Williams, Andrea Di Biase/Ryan Trebilcock, and Adam Teixeira. We are performing the  music from the album at the launch on Wednesday 2nd March at the Vortex. Should be a good one! Info here

On top of all that I was away with the fantastic Anthony Strong, doing gigs in Istanbul and Terin, Italy. Two countries renowned for their food, neither disappointed when it came to the hospitality, and both audiences offered a warm reception.

One last slightly random thing that happened was recording some horns for a video, dreamt up by the playful imagination of McFly's Tom to video